Glasdoors (Turn+Sliding)

Energy savings from the use of retrofittable insulating glass, single-glas turn+sliding insulating doors

Today system manufacturers are offering retrofittable turning glass doors (single-ply or insulating) as a customised solution for all standard refrigerating cabinets in use on the European market.

The effects of the use of glass systems have been proven internationally:


- energy savings of up to 25-50% in the cabinet

- high level of cost savings thanks to steadily rising energy prices

- customer and service-friendly

- help create a positive image

- high level of temperature stability for the goods on offer


From taking on board the need for retrofitting in the market and "tailor-made" manufacture through to fully-functioning installation, everything is supplied from a single source.


Sliding doors are the perfect alternative to turning doors. The clear-cut advantages are:


  • comparatively the best energy-savings values
  • space-saving, as they do not open out into the aisle


It is often the case that there is a specific requirement for solutions for shops with smaller aisle widths. It is here that sliding doors are often the best alternative. Door system manufacturers  offer customised doors for use in the refrigerating cabinets in place, on site.


Door-Tech handles all aspects of managing the project!

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