Insulated Acrylic Door-Systems for refrigerated Cabinets

Acrylic glass: the no-frame alternative for refrigerated cabinets door systems from doubleCool


An innovation in the door market both for retrofitting and for new refrigerated cabinets, now with high-grade refrigerating cabinet door solutions in two-ply acrylic glass, with no frame and available with a scratch-resistant coating, and with its maximum transparency offering an unrestricted view into the cabinet. (


Until now, this has been an area dominated by insulating glass doors. The new doors in high-grade two-ply acrylic glass are absolutely unbreakable, they do not have a surrounding frame and have had a scratch-resistant coating applied. One further important advantage is that they are extremely lightweight, at only half the weight of normal glass!


The advantages of acrylic doors at a glance:


  • double-pane, highly insulating "high-tech" acrylic glass
  • maximum transparency from entirely frameless construction
  • guaranteed scratch resistance – thanks to new, specially-developed coating
  • flexible and individually manufactured for retrofitting - and for OEM use
  • better than average brightness inside the cabinet thanks to specific materials
  • attractive presentation of foodstuffs


This innovative product is manufactured by the high-profile doubleCOOL B.V. company in the Netherlands which is enjoying the support of Door-Tech as it is establishing itself in the market.


Door-Tech advises you in the entire process of integrating these new energy-saving products available on the market.













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