Glas-covers for freezers

These days, right from the start when buying new freezers retail chains often exploit the availability of glass covers to save energy from the outset and to ensure more even temperatures in their cabinets.


As replacement cycles are often extended over a considerable number of years, the aspect of retrofitting with a low depreciation period is assigned a high priority in the investment planning process.


Covers for freezers


Manufacturers produce customised cover systems for standard models. There are available both right and left-hand sliding covers as push-constructions in hardened Low E glass, all made out of safety glass.


The energy-saving levels for the cabinets are normally about 40% and at today's kilowatt prices pay for themselves in well under 3 years.


The level of acceptance among customers is also very high, as they value the stability of temperature at which products are stored.


Sliding covers for combi-sets


Sliding glass covers for freezer combinations (what are termed combi-sets) seal off the lower part of the cabinet in the 'push' sliding variant. The energy savings for the cabinet to be achieved are accordingly 25%. The relatively low investment is recouped in a short period of time, due to increases in energy costs.


As a basic principle, the retrofitting of the standard cabinets commonly found in Europe is possible, however this does depend on the design of the actual cabinet.


System manufacturers offer customised solutions for the cabinets in place in the shop.



Establishing exactly what you need calls for an in-depth and extensive consultation process. In the course of this we work out proposals for modernising your energy situation, to then be seamlessly integrated into your concept. Ideally, contact us today and arrange a date for your own individual discussion.


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