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is your competent adviser in all aspects of energy saving for supermarket refrigeration by using cover systems since more than 10 years!


The process of retrofitting existing refrigerating equipment in supermarkets with doors or covers is still a young story, having only emerged some 15 years ago. At Door-Tech we have been in the picture practically from the outset and are familiar with the international trading chains and refrigerating cabinet manufacturers. Throughout the world we have been closely involved in promoting the acceptance process for the use of these energy-saving elements.


There is no doubt that today we have reached a turning point in our customers' requirements. Due to the global change in climate, today we find product quality being confronted with new challenges, with energy saving representing more than just one aspect of costs, and with purchasers introducing ever increasing ecological concepts into the market with them.


Quality in terms of retrofitting the widest variety of refrigerating cabinets means


  • flexibility in reacting to each customer's wishes
  • reliability in dimensioning from spot-on production through to responsibility for quality installation on site 
  • guaranteed functionality and long service life


Door-Tech GmbH's service package extends not only to professional selection of the right products, suppliers and partners, but also the provision of support in the form of an extensive marketing package.


Everything from a single source!




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