The trend - saving energy in the supermarket with closed refrigerated cabinets!

The Future is Plastic!

In times of rising energy costs, saving by closing refrigerating cabinets in the supermarket has emerged as the definitive trend. The electricity consumption of cabinets can be reduced by up to 50%.


Retrofit systems such as

Plastic (PMMA, PET or Polycarbonat) doors for refrigerated cabinets,
sliding doors for multidecks and  for semiverticals

not only help in saving costs, but when retrofitted also provide existing in-store cabinets with a modern appearance. At the same time, the climate in the shop is improved. The customer stays with the product longer! The purchaser also values the "protected product" as it is largely held at a constant temperature.


Door-Tech GmbH offers a full advisory service in collaboration with the leading system manufacturers, for example for the new innovative frameless  Plastic doors !



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